Does Triathlon Really ‘Need’ More Pros?

The problem of a large pro field was evident at the Ironman World Championships on October 10th. Even though the professional fields consisted of only 58 on the men’s side and 42 on the women’s side (please ignore the elephant!), the commentators were unable to recognise the whole field (even those first out of the… Continue reading Does Triathlon Really ‘Need’ More Pros?

Sometimes Random Things Happen

A while ago, I picked up neuroscientist David DiSalvo’s ‘science-help’ book Brain Changer. I’m (very) interested in brains. I’m also very interested in the making and breaking of habits, which is what this book is about. That was the ‘science’ part. All very interesting. All very Latinate. Then came the ‘help’ part. I usually don’t… Continue reading Sometimes Random Things Happen