2015 Ohio Duathlon

This past Sunday was the Greenswell Ohio Duathlon. I ran the race last year on basically no duathlon-specific training. I finished 9th. This year I was more prepared. The last few weeks I’ve been doing bricks, working on my running speed, and doing plenty of squats and long rides with sprints and hard efforts worked… Continue reading 2015 Ohio Duathlon

day seventy nine – shoulders

I’ve always walked around the world with my shoulders up around my ears. My mum always said that I’d end up with a hunchback. I never believed it. Still don’t! πŸ˜‰ But I never did. Since marrying a former dancer, she’s been on at me about my posture. (I’ve been on at myself about it,… Continue reading day seventy nine – shoulders

day five – buoys

Today was a swim day. It was also time for another round of swim golf. I’ve already improved! My swim golf score (swim 1 x 50, add number of strokes and time in seconds) went from 96 on Monday (53 strokes, 43 seconds) to 90 today (47 strokes, 43 seconds). No time saved, but fewer… Continue reading day five – buoys

day four – effects

Last night, I got a text message. “Morning Pickleball?” (Pickleball’s a lot like tennis, a little like table tennis, and a little like volleyball. Click the link for more.) A friend of mine wanted to play. I told him was going to be in Columbus. He said, “How about early?” I had to fit in… Continue reading day four – effects

day three – wobbles

Third day of the TriDot outseason training programme. Today was a run workout. I took the liberty of adding some core work in. I did about half of the Runner’s World ‘New Core Curriculum’. I was pushed for time, and wanted to fit the workout in. I need to work on my core. sitting at… Continue reading day three – wobbles