Does Triathlon Really ‘Need’ More Pros?

The problem of a large pro field was evident at the Ironman World Championships on October 10th. Even though the professional fields consisted of only 58 on the men’s side and 42 on the women’s side (please ignore the elephant!), the commentators were unable to recognise the whole field (even those first out of the… Continue reading Does Triathlon Really ‘Need’ More Pros?

Weekly Review – June 29 – July 5

Monday Morning This morning I tried something new. The swim set was pretty standard, until the end. Since this is the beginning of my first ‘cognitive’ training week, I was focusing on race-paced efforts. So I swam 10 x 80 at race pace on two minutes. I’m getting better at being more consistent with my… Continue reading Weekly Review – June 29 – July 5

Weekly Review – June 14 – 21

Monday Morning Once again, Monday’s going to be a big training day. I like having this kind of pattern to my weeks. This morning I’d planned to do a modified version of this workout from It’s a pretty simple speed workout. Warm Up 200 easy 160 kick 4 x 40 build Main Set 4… Continue reading Weekly Review – June 14 – 21

day ninety eight – bailed

This morning, I bailed on my workout. Partly it was time. Actually, it was all time. Sometimes time is against us. It’s not against me for the reasons you might think, though. I’ve been experimenting with polyphasic sleep. This means I sleep three times a day. Four and a half hours of ‘core sleep’ from… Continue reading day ninety eight – bailed

day fifty three – tt4

Fifteen mile bike TT today. It felt great. I butchered the warm up. But I’ve never really been one for warm ups, anyway. During the TT, I averaged over 20 mph the whole time. Occasionally it would drop down, but only momentarily, when I was distracted by events in the Ukraine, or Oscar Pistorius’ trial.… Continue reading day fifty three – tt4

day twenty three – tt2

Trying times again today. A fifteen mile bike time trial. It was labeled as a ‘functional threshold test’. But basically it was fifteen miles as fast as possible. Pleased with my result for this one, after a disappointing swim yesterday. (I was only ten seconds faster in the swim than at the start if this… Continue reading day twenty three – tt2