Weekly Review – June 29 – July 5

Monday Morning This morning I tried something new. The swim set was pretty standard, until the end. Since this is the beginning of my first ‘cognitive’ training week, I was focusing on race-paced efforts. So I swam 10 x 80 at race pace on two minutes. I’m getting better at being more consistent with my… Continue reading Weekly Review – June 29 – July 5

Weekly Review – June 22-28

Monday Morning This morning’s swim was focused on drills. I’m really working on swim drills at the moment. (I must confess, I didn’t write this part the day of the training, so I’ve completely forgotten what I did!) Afternoon This is a recovery week, so I took the afternoon off. Tuesday Morning This morning’s four… Continue reading Weekly Review – June 22-28

Weekly Review – June 14 – 21

Monday Morning Once again, Monday’s going to be a big training day. I like having this kind of pattern to my weeks. This morning I’d planned to do a modified version of this workout from Active.com. It’s a pretty simple speed workout. Warm Up 200 easy 160 kick 4 x 40 build Main Set 4… Continue reading Weekly Review – June 14 – 21

Weekly Review – June 8-14

Monday Morning As part of my day of lounging about all day yesterday, I made a training plan for this coming week. I have another sprint race coming up in two weeks. It’s more-or-less exactly the same race as Saturday’s (the only difference is a loop swim, rather than point-to-point, and a slightly longer bike).… Continue reading Weekly Review – June 8-14