Does Triathlon Really ‘Need’ More Pros?

The problem of a large pro field was evident at the Ironman World Championships on October 10th. Even though the professional fields consisted of only 58 on the men’s side and 42 on the women’s side (please ignore the elephant!), the commentators were unable to recognise the whole field (even those first out of the… Continue reading Does Triathlon Really ‘Need’ More Pros?

Weekly Review – June 29 – July 5

Monday Morning This morning I tried something new. The swim set was pretty standard, until the end. Since this is the beginning of my first ‘cognitive’ training week, I was focusing on race-paced efforts. So I swam 10 x 80 at race pace on two minutes. I’m getting better at being more consistent with my… Continue reading Weekly Review – June 29 – July 5

Weekly Review – June 22-28

Monday Morning This morning’s swim was focused on drills. I’m really working on swim drills at the moment. (I must confess, I didn’t write this part the day of the training, so I’ve completely forgotten what I did!) Afternoon This is a recovery week, so I took the afternoon off. Tuesday Morning This morning’s four… Continue reading Weekly Review – June 22-28